Running Into Walls

Some people say that new carpet can change the whole feel of your home, and their right. So why not put new carpet in your home every time your current one gets old? That’s a great question, but it’s not always that simple. We seem to run into walls when thinking of replacing our carpet whether it be in the kitchen, bedroom, and playroom or wherever. Here are some ideas on how to avoid those walls.


Carpet isn’t the cheapest thing, and sometimes can cost you a good chunk of money dependingHome with new carpet on the type of carpet you get. There is always the choice to go with a lower cost carpet, but keep in mind that it may not last as long as you would hope. Make a goal on when you are thinking of replacing your old carpet and work towards that. Put some money aside so that when the time comes, you will be ready to place it towards a fresh new look.

Know what you want

It’s always good to go into a purchase knowing what you want and to get the right carpet for your home. Every house is different and so is carpet. Some may think that carpet is all the same, but many are built to withstand certain things such as heavy traffic or pets. Some styles and strength of carpet are meant for specific areas of the home as well, whether you put in a playroom, or an office. Take extra time beforehand to become familiar with the different types of carpet and figure out which one would fit best in your home. Below are a few questions to think about when planning to replace your carpet:

  • Does it match the style and of your home?
  • Where are you wanting to put the new carpet?
  • Does the carpet have a good warranty?
  • Do you have pets, or kids running around?
  • What style and look of carpet am I looking for?
    • Plush carpet
    • Shag carpet
    • Commercial carpet
    • Brown, blue, or gray carpet
  • What’s the cost of the carpet?
  • And so on…

Choose Experience

There are many flooring companies but are they all the same? Just as there are many grocery stores, they’re not all the same. Some places that you shop for food at you can trust and some you can’t. The same comes with your carpet. You want a company that you can trust and that has been in the industry for many years. Interiors Plus Flooring is a family owned and operated business with 20+ years’ experience in the flooring industry. Don’t look far, instead you can find your carpet in Hillsboro, OR. We’ll be here for when you’re ready to start the process of your new look.