Pet Friendly Flooring For Your Home

Initial Thoughts

We care so much about our pets that we will do almost anything for them. During a time such as these, pets have played such an important part in our mental and physical health. They keep us company when we are quarantined and self-distanced, as well as play a big role in getting us outside on walks or hikes.

Which leads to our first topic, health.


While we tend to always focus on the types of foods our pets consume to keep them healthy, one area that we often overlook is the environment they live in, especially the flooring. The ground on which they stand, walk, sleep, and play on can be just as big of a health concern as anything else.

As COVID hit, our health has taken a precedence over everything else. Not only can flooring impact the health of our pets, it equally if not more so can impact our own health. Dirty floors can lead to unhealthy living environments for both you and your pet.

Carpets especially, when worn down and not replaced over long periods of time can collect tons of dirt, debris, and dust that a lot of vacuums can’t successfully clean. If you’re like many people, it can be hard to keep up on consistent cleaning and vacuuming. Over time these floors become dirty leading to negative health concerns for ourselves and our pets.

While health is one of the biggest reasons to have a clean floor, there are a few others that make a home a home.

Water Proof Flooring

Accidents occur all the time. Some from humans and others from pets, it’s inevitable. Having a floor that works well for both you and your pet is extremely important.

Pets will want to play outside when it’s raining or snowing out and ultimately bring that inside with them. A floor that can’t withstand this will quickly lead to deformity.

Scratch Resistant Flooring

Dogs and cats can be tough on floors. Finding a floor that can withstand your pets claws against your hardwood floors will make it last that much longer.

You’ll be amazed at the difference from a floor that is scratch resistant to one that isn’t. If you have a floor that is not scratch resistant and own pets, you will quickly see the impact a pet can make on that floor. The scratches will be very evident for you and anyone that walks in your home.

Stain Resistant Flooring

The last thing you want is guests coming over to your home and noticing a bunch of stain marks on your carpet. Keeping your floors free from stains is hard only when you don’t have the right flooring. Finding a floor that is stain resistant will go a long way in the lifetime of your floor.

Bringing kids into the scenario as well, you are bound to see spills from drinks or food. Having carpet or flooring that is stain resistant will be so worth it in the long run.

Final Thoughts

All these things can seem overwhelming when trying to decide what flooring makes the most sense in your home. We totally get in and we’re here to help. We care about providing the right flooring for your home which is why we offer products that protect against all of the things mentioned above. We sell and install pet-friendly floors such as carpet, luxury vinyl planks, and much more.

Jumpstart your own and your pets health for 2021 by stopping by our showroom in Hillsboro, OR to learn more! 

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